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Hey! 🤘 Jacksonville Metal Chick, now in Deltona, is on the prowl!

Unleashing Metal Energy in Volusia County! A Call to Musicians!

Hey rock enthusiasts! 🤘 The Jacksonville Metal Chick has officially landed in Deltona, Florida, and the quest for the ultimate Hard Rock/Metal band is on!

Monica's Odyssey: The Southern Symphony of Shotgun Revival

In the heart of Florida, where the air is thick with the scent of swamp and rebellion, Monica, a fearless Southern girl, emerged as the driving force behind the phenomenon known as Shotgun Revival. With a backdrop of dirt roads, backwoods adventures, and the wisdom of her southern matriarchs, Monica's upbringing was a symphony of Southern living.

Her journey took an unexpected turn when she crossed paths with a man from the hills of Tennessee and another from the rugged terrain of North Carolina. Together, they forged a musical brotherhood that would birth the most badass Southern Swamp Heavy Metal the world has ever known.

Shotgun Revival's lyrics echo the raw, unfiltered experiences of Southern life. The rumble of big trucks tearing through the backwoods, the rhythmic stomp of boots around bonfires, and the tranquil beauty of life on the water – whether in the creeks, on the beach, or casting lines on the Nassau Sound. Their words paint a vivid picture of a Southern dream, a journey through the heart and soul of the Southern landscape.

In every chord, every verse, Shotgun Revival embodies the essence of Southern living, translating the spirit of the woods, the water, and the open road into an unforgettable musical journey.

For Monica and Shotgun Revival, it's more than just heavy metal; it's the very soul of the South, etched into each riff and lyric. Their music isn't just a performance; it's a rebellion, a gritty, authentic tale of life in the Southern shadows and under the swampy moonlight. They're not just playing heavy metal; they're living the dream, and their music stands as the anthemic soundtrack to that rebellious, Southern soul.




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