Monica Dedmon is a Recording Artist, Vocalist, Rhythm Guitarist, Songwriter, and BMI Affiliate from Jacksonville, Florida. With 20 plus years of stage and studio experience, her music infuses the influences of the great heavy weight legends of Rock and Soul, while her lyrics exhibit the combined principles of vulnerable honesty and apparent gratitude. Monica Dedmon’s vocals are executed with a force of immense soulful power and passion that captures the listener and launches them into the personal stories her songs reveal. Monica's elemental lyrical content demonstrates her personal desire and personal goals that now run parallel, therefore solidifying her commitment and dedication to moving the hearts of others and encouraging the impact of compassion for one another through music.

Back in the studio in June of 2023, Monica's newest endeavour as the lead vocalist and lyricist of the Outlaw Hard-Rock Country band, Black Rose Band has proven to be be quick thrill seeking musical therapy she has been searching for. Black Rose Band has an "in your face" sound representing Southern flare and Florida living.

Monica released her third album, "Your Heart Created The Waves" in 2021, that expands the boundaries of pure drivin' Rock-N-Roll. Featured on this album are two of the Southeast hardest working musicians and national acts, Curt Towne of The Curt Towne Band and Stan Martell of Appeal To Authority. The tracks on this album were recorded by Bobby Croft, formerly of The Derek Trucks Band, in his studio Casa Croftorius in Central Florida and is mixed, and mastered with Stan Martell of Martell Studios in Southeast Georgia.

Monica Dedmon’s last solo album titled “Deep Calls To Deep” was released in August of 2016.  A CD Release Party was held to showcase Monica Dedmon as a performer and promote her new album Deep Calls To Deep. Ms. Dedmon's performance was an awe-inspiring exhibition packed with exuberant passion. The gratitude portrayed in Monica's thunderous vocals clearly comes from a depth that can only be explained in terms of an open-hearted thanksgiving that overflows into the audience with fervent emotion.

While recording album Deep Calls To Deep at Cypress Records with accomplished Producer and Engineer David Plummer, Monica was introduced to the talented keyboardist Johnny Brown. Johnny Brown has collaborated with Al Green since the mid 70’s. As a result, after a brief and friendly introduction, Johnny Brown played the piano, organ, and strings on Monica’s album Deep Calls To Deep. Rightfully so, Monica is very proud to have Mr. Johnny Brown as a key player on her album. 


Through the utilization of, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, and many other popular sites, Monica Dedmon's Albums: Your Heart Created The Waves, Deep Calls To Deep and PureLunerSea is distributed throughout the US, Canada, and the UK, for purchase in both physical and digital distribution.

Monica Dedmon is a proud affiliate of  

Broadcast Music, INC (BMI),,    
Association of Suicide Prevention and Awareness,    
American Heart Radio    
and Otel Universe.   

Monica Dedmon has written the lyrics and music, performed lead vocals, backing vocals and rhythm guitar on her solo albums and singles:   
Deep Calls to Deep,    
Wages of Sin, and    
Your Heart Created The Waves.    

Monica Dedmon Collaborated with:   
Black Rose Band (Kevin Newman, Josh Steyn, Lee Krasner and Monica Dedmon- Lyrics and Vocals),    

DedBolt (Mark Borrero and Monica Dedmon- Lyrics and Vocals)   

Off The Cuff (Jim Mitchell, Butch Roskosky, Rob Fulfton, Monica Dedmon- Lyrics and Vocals)   

Among many other collaborations, Monica thrives to stay busy within the music community!    


If you would like to inquire about booking, song writing opportunities, collaboration, need help with lyrics,

or lyric video creation and  digital content for your promo needs, please feel free to reach out to Monica Dedmon via her website and/or email :